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Dear Hope Health Patient

Over the past year I have been working to determine a path forward with our clinical practice. After many conversations and careful consideration, I made the difficult decision to close Hope Health. I am committed to the health and wellness of our patients and the community we served. I wanted to ensure that there is a seamless transition of care.

I am writing to let you know that I am excited to join Pen Bay Family Medicine at Pen Bay Medical Center’s (PBMC) new medical building. I will begin to see our patients at this new location on March 1, 2021. This office is located on the Hospital’s main campus, at 15 Anchor Drive in Rockport. Kristie and Michelle have decided to pursue other employment and will not be joining Pen Bay Family Medicine. Michelle will continue to see patients at Hope Health until February 26, 2021.

To make this transition easy for each of you, I will take a copy of your medical record to PBMC to be uploaded into the Epic medical records system.  Your office notes and anything else that is not already in Epic will be added to your chart.  Your details will be reviewed with you at your first PBMC based visit. You can choose to continue care with me or choose to see any of the PBMC primary care providers who are accepting new patients.

If you choose to go to another primary care practice that is not part of PBMC, you will need to sign a transfer of records form and we will create a copy of your records for you to carry to your new provider.  (Records release available at www.hopehealthfnp.com)

I am so proud of the relationships we have built and the care that we have provided at Hope Health for nearly sixteen years. Our decision to join the PBMC medical staff allows us to maintain continuity of care and benefit from the strength of the MaineHealth system. I have listed a few of the benefits I see coming with this move. 

  1. Your primary care team will be bigger, smarter, and more diverse.  Google Pen Bay Family Medicine and read the bios of the Doctors, Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioners who work there.  It is a very impressive group.  I have only met a few of them but in each instance, I was impressed with their knowledge and how they communicated in an inclusive and caring way. I am excited to work with this new team of providers. 
  2. Moving from an independent practice (HHFP) to a hospital-based system makes getting care more efficient.  This move will make it easier for providers to collaborate and connect patients with the wellness, prevention and specialty services they need. I believe this move will increase the quality of your healthcare through better systems management. 
  3. Continuity of care matters.  Our obligation to you is to be there when you are sick and work with you for the rest of the year to stay healthy.  We take this obligation seriously and think the time has come to transition our patients to a system that has the resources and personnel to be there for you over the span of time.    

Deciding to close Hope Health has been a humbling experience. This practice has been my lifelong dream.  Yet, as I look for what is next, I want to make this transition when we are still running smoothly and can stay with you as care providers throughout the change.    

Thank you for trusting us with your health care for all these years. 




COVID-19 continues to impact our community. Hope Health Family Practice is using new technologies that allow us to provide the same high-quality patient care while keeping you and our staff safe.

Find out how you can get healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are here for you. Call us or send us a portal message with any questions. We look forward to seeing you all before too long.

About Us

Hope Health Family Practice is an independent family practice owned and run by Family Nurse Practitioners.   We provide full primary care services to all ages:

  • Diagnose – physical exams, x-rays, blood work
  • Manage – chronic conditions
  • Treat – advise, prescribe, refer

Our team includes three Family Nurse Practitioners and an excellent staff.

Our Providers

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It is our belief that comprehensive health care should involve the whole patient and provide extensive health education and in-depth communication.  Our approach to health is to have our patients involved in their own health care.   We have found that people who take an interest in their health have the best outcomes.

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