Cost Saving

Health care is expensive, even for those who have “good” insurance. It is made all the more confusing by co-pays, deductibles, preferred providers & drugs, secondary insurance, and donut holes that vary from plan to plan. Here are a few suggestions for saving money that will still allow you to receive the best medical care.

Generic Drugs:

All major pharmacy chains, including some grocery stores offer generic drug plans. It usually costs $4.00 for a 30-day prescription and $10.99 for a 90-day prescription. Generic drugs are safe and effective; major studies comparing them with brand-name drugs have found no significant clinical difference. Ask your provider if there is a generic equivalent for your most expensive medications.

Many pharmacies offer lost cost prescription drug programs.  Please click on the websites below for area pharmacy discount drug programs.

Walmart’s $4 Prescription Program

Comparing Prices:

It pays to compare prices. If you are required to pay for some or all of your laboratory or X-ray expense, it’s worth it to shop around. A mammogram, colonoscopy, or blood test can cost twice as much in one hospital compared to another.  If you pay out of pocket for blood tests ask us to send your test to Affilitated Labs in Bangor.  Their costs are lower than the local labs.  Why don’t we use Affilitated all the time?  Often it is patient preference, access to labs results and computer interface.

Canadian Prescription Drug Options:

The costs of prescription medications can be very challenging for many of our patients.  In an effort to help with finding the lowest prescription drug costs for our patients we have researched some of the on-line Canadian pharmacy options.  Many of the medication prices available through these pharmacies can be up to half the cost of US prices.  The best candidate for using the Canadian pharmacy option is someone on continuous or long-term, non-generic medications who has either no insurance or a high deductible health care plan.  The online option is not as affective for short-term medication needs and if you have insurance coverage for your prescription drugs.

Some people ask if the drugs are just as good and if it is legal to purchase prescription drugs from international pharmacies.  The medications come from the same manufactures that the US pharmacies use.  So quality is the same.   As for the legality, yes, it is legal.  There was a recent issue with Maine state employees getting meds through a Canadian pharmacy.  In June 2013 that issue was cleared up and those employees can purchase medications from Canada.

The below links will take you to the websites of two pharmacies we have recommended have found easy to work with.   Please let us know if you want to use this option.

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