The Nurse Practitioner role is expanding around the globe!

The role of Nurse Practitioners is ever expanding around the globe.   In 1991, the United Kingdom was the first country outside the US to recognize the role of Nurse Practitioners.  Since then, many more countries have come on board.   Now Norway is coming to Maine to have a look at the role.  This is great news!

Role of Nurse Practitioners in Healthcare Subject of International Visit

Administration, medical staff, and educators from Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital in Oslo, Norway, recently visited Mid Coast Hospital to research the role of the nurse practitioner in healthcare and how it contributes to the delivery of high quality and cost effective care. Currently, the role of nurse practitioner is not part of the healthcare system in Norway and the representatives were seeking input into the potential of establishing such a program.

The group of eight was welcomed by Lois Skillings, President and CEO of Mid Coast Health Services; John Morse lV, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Deb Macleod, Vice President of Nursing and Patient Care Services; and Paul Parker, Director of Nursing Education and Practice.

Also included in the discussion were Krista Meinersmann, Director of the School of Nursing and Marjorie Lawson, Coordinator of the Graduate Nursing Program at the University of Southern Maine (USM), and Susan Yetter, USM Nurse Practitioner Faculty, who described the education and training required for nurse practitioners in this country.

Paul Parker noted, “Mid Coast is very excited to share knowledge and information with other colleagues. It is this type of collaboration that will continue to foster excellence within the nursing field and healthcare as whole.”

The highlight of the visit was the opportunity to hear directly from eight of the twenty nurse practitioners that work throughout the Mid Coast system. They were able to provide valuable insight about their work, relationships with patients, and collaborative practice with physicians and the rest of the healthcare team.

Mid Coast was selected by the Norwegian healthcare organization due to its relative size and location, as well as its reputation for excellence as a community hospital that is designated as a Magnet organization. Only 6% of hospitals in the U.S. have achieved this recognition. While in the U.S., the group from Norway also visited Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

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