Office Practices

General Practice Info:

  • If you require a same day appointment, please call by 10 AM. We cannot guarantee a same day appointment, if you call after 10 AM.
  • Please always leave a message. Your call will be returned promptly, as you are our priority.
  • We have a pager for after hours; if you’ve never used a pager, please ask Nakia.

Providers Schedules:

  • They are not in the office every day:
    • Brien schedules patients on Wednesday and Thursday **Closed to New Patients**
    • Michelle sees patients on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday **Closed to New Patients**
    • MaryAlice sees patients Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
    • Kristie sees patients on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday we are open 8 AM to 4 PM.
    Wednesday from 7:30 AM to 5 PM
    Friday 8AM to noon.
  • We close daily for lunch from noon to 1 PM.

Missed Appointments:

  • We expect 24-hours notice for appointment cancellations.
  • New Patient appointments are 45 minutes in duration.  If you miss your very first appointment, you will not be allowed to join the practice.
  • If you no-show (miss your appointment without notifying us), and you do this three times, we will discharge you from the practice.

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans:

  • We have a contract with Medicare.
  • We do NOT have a contract with all the Medicare Advantage plans or the Medicare secondary insurers. Please call the office if you think you will be changing plans.
  • If we don’t take your insurance, you will be asked to find a provider that does.

Your Visits:

  • Please be prepared to show your insurance card(s) at each visit. This will ensure proper billing and you won’t be unnecessarily charged.
  • Please bring your medications with you for each office visit.
  • If you are on regular medication(s), you will be required to have an annual visit, at a minimum.
  • If you have not been seen in a year and have a health care need, you will need a visit.
  • The State of Maine has strict guidelines for those patients on controlled substances. You will be required to have more frequent visits. Please bring your medications with you for each office visit.

Medication Refills:

  • When calling in for a refill, press option “2” for the refill line.
  • Allow 24-48 hours for medication refills.
  • Check with the pharmacy to verify that your refill has been completed. We are unable to call patients and tell them we’ve done their refills.

Insurance Referrals:

  • Insurance referrals can be time consuming and many insurance companies will not allow a referral to be done after the date of service.
  • Please allow one week for the office to complete your “in state” insurance referral.
  • Most insurance plans do not approve out of state / out of network referrals. These types of referrals are at the discretion of the provider and will only be done if all in network options have been exhausted.

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