Mediterranean Diet Rises to the Top Again!!

Over the years we have seen diets come and go.  The one diet that seems to reappear as a sensible, sustainable and satisfying diet is The Mediterranean Diet.  Now it has been proven to reduce heart disease as well.   A recent study from Spain has provided significant evidence that the Mediterranean Diet, which is high in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, nuts, seeds, fruits , vegetables, whole grains and lean meats , does reduce heart disease risk and helps maintain a healthier weight.   A total of 7,447 people with risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and/or obesity were enrolled in the study.  Half were randomized to eat a Mediterranean Diet and the other half were randomized to eat a more standard modern diet of low fat, more processed foods, meats and sugars.   The study was stopped after five years, though, as the results showed a 30% reduction in heart disease in the Mediterranean Diet group.

At Hope Health Family Practice we agree with the premise of the Mediterranean Diet.  One key principle to the diet is understanding the balance of the components of the diet.  In a couple of weeks we will be starting a 12 week structured, weight loss and healthy living program.   A major premise of the nutritional aspect of the program is the Mediterranean Diet.   Stay tuned for program details.

To see the full NY Times study article, click on the link below.





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